With over 12 years consulting for financial institutions, technology companies, and multi-constituency enterprises, Benton Consulting has emerged as a highly versatile knowledge-based business consultancy.


Organizational and Management theorist Charles Handy once wrote, “It’s no good having a brilliant strategy and structure and great people unless there is some reason for it.”

Benton Consulting provides tailored, relevant strategic guidance to industry leading organizations – both domestically and internationally. We work closely with senior management of each organization to define the market dynamics, strategic objectives, and tactics.

What results is an extremely customized, well thought out roadmap that allows the entire organization to make the daily decisions that are required to make the company great.


Innovation is often lost because of the lack of ability to execute. Benton Consulting has started numerous companies, focusing on the development of the organizations to succeed.

From highly technical products and markets to niche industry applications and solutions, Benton Consulting is prepared to assist in the governance, structure, business plan, and execution.

Business Modeling

Benton Consulting has the ability to provide in-depth, detailed business modeling support to our clients – from modeling consumer behavior and the resulting financial impacts to developing highly complex models to analyze markets and set strategic pricing to compete against industry giants. We partner with each client to determine what’s best suited.

This data-supported decisioning is often what drives business, and can be the difference between failure and success – and it can prevent misinformed initiatives from adversely affecting the bottom line.

Implementation & Operations

Our clients routinely ask us to operationalize our solutions. We posses the unique skills to bridge the understanding between executive and technical groups – a regular pain and failure point of large-scale projects.

We have repeatedly proven our leadership ability on complex projects – ranging from managing the most aggressive off-premise ATM rollout in the U.S. to completing a EFT network merger on both the business and technology sides.


BMW Bank, N.A.
First Data
Global Cash
Interac Association/Acxsys
MasterCard International
MBNA America
NYCE Payments Network, LLC.
Perot Systems Corp.
Union Bank of California
US Bank
Western Union
Venbrook Insurance