Benton Consulting spends most of its time with clients in the financial services arena, but the cross-industry and cross-functional experience has enabled Benton Consulting to provide for a variety of clients.

Financial Institutions

Benton Consulting regularly works closely with Financial Institutions. We help them understand future opportunities, launch new products, and understand the impacts of process re-engineering and operational and technological improvements.

Payments Networks

Benton Consulting is a leading provider of strategic planning and business decisioning expertise for major ATM and POS networks in the U.S. and internationally. We have helped them launch new services and companies, managed Mergers & Acquisitions, and supported them as the face the next generation of challenges.


Multi-Constituency Enterprises pose different challenges than typical organizations. Anytime competitors are brought together to advance the industry, the politics of competing agendas must be managed delicately and objectively. Benton Consulting has much experience leading in these environments – laying foundational governance and setting strategic objectives.


Benton Consulting has unique experience setting up and running technology and rules-based startup companies. We understand the pitfalls, the importance of exceeding expectations, and the often impossible timelines that startup companies are faced with. We have learned how to succeed where others fail.

Industry Experience

Acquirer Processors
Card Associations
Credit Card Issuers
Data Processors
EFT Networks
Financial Institutions
Information Governance
Internet Banking
Issuer Processors
Mobile Phones & Mobile Payments
Multi-Constituency Enterprises
Payment Schemes and Networks
Secure Electronic Communications
Software Development