At Benton Consulting, we listen to our clients and support them with their goals and objectives as the driver of the engagement.

A Different Approach

Over the past decade and a half, the consulting industry has drastically changed. It has gone from developing close and long-lasting relationships with clients to churning out cookie-cutter solutions that are more in the best interest of consulting firm than the clients.

We do things very differently.

Our solutions are not pre-defined. Our engagements are not designed solely out of a book. We use our business street smarts and practical experience to create engagement structures and solution sets that are specifically tailored to each client. With this philosophy in mind, it is no wonder that our clients love us.


Building on our expertise in the financial services industry, our engagements have ranged from business case definition and development to technology assessment and implementation to complete de novo business leadership. We have created, and are still creating, disciplines that are industry agnostic.

We are proud to have clients from all business sectors – from the largest Fortune 500 companies to the smallest of sole-proprietor businesses. Because we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs, we can service each client differently. Using our consulting partners to augment our staff so that our clients have access to a full team of senior advisors, we can provide a flexible resource program to meet a large breadth of needs.

Our Brief History

It all started in 1992. As part of the team that took Benton International, our predecessor, from niche consulting firm to market mover, we had the experience of taking a small company and making it big. In 1997, Benton International was purchased by Perot Systems Corporation, and a new set of opportunities were available.

But, of course, there was a down side. Many of the challenging and fun opportunities a smaller consulting firm can drive for its clients slowly evaporated. It gave way, however, to an idea to stay small and service clients in a different way – as a trusted advisor and individual.

Benton Consulting today builds relationships with its clients that moves from the standard consulting model to one more based in partnership; that exceeds normal expectations for knowledge, effectiveness, and excellence.

Our history made us who we are, but our future is all about making history for our clients.

More in Experience, Sectors

Benton Consulting is led by Kendall Benton, a 18 year veteran of the financial services consulting industry.

Mr. Benton’s focus is on business planning, strategic development, financial modeling, technology implementation, process re-engineering, and the evaluation of payment systems products, services, and technologies.

Additionally, Mr. Benton has led startup organizations through the most difficult periods – development and funding.

Mr. Benton graduated the University of Southern California in 1993 with a B.S. in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Management and Organizational Strategy.